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Arturia Augmented Grand Piano Sounds Demo | No Talking

The Augmented series is aimed at people looking for immediate access to an unmatched range of traditional, cinematic, and hybrid sounds. Augmented GRAND PIANO morphs premium sampled & processed grand piano sounds with flexible synthesis engines and intuitive modulation, offering a beautiful, approachable, inspiring software instrument that’s perfect for modern composition. What’s fun with it Augmented GRAND PIANO is designed to be simple to use, giving you maximum control over your sound with minimal hassle. Interact with a handful of intuitive controls and enjoy ever-evolving sounds that you’ll keep coming back to. Morph Make sweeping changes to multiple elements in your sound with the Morph control. Move between your sample & synthesis sound layers, and simultaneously tweak up to 8 assignable parameters for dramatic timbral changes within one preset. Color, Time, Motion If your sound needs a little more, a little less, or just something a little different, these 3 macro controls affect things like envelope time, filtering, effects, and more, offering quick & instinctive control over the shape and character of your sound. FX, Delay, Reverb The final piece to Augmented GRAND PIANO’s sonic puzzle. The dedicated Delay and Reverb master FX add space and time-based ambience to your sound, plus you can assign 2 custom FX per sound later for your own flavor of coloration. Deeper sound design Detailed control over your piano sounds – when you need it. Underneath its simple layout and quick controls, Augmented GRAND PIANO offers all the flexibility and customization you need to truly make it your own. From sound layers to intricate modulation, it’s all right here. Layers It all starts with Augmented GRAND PIANO’s sound engines. Two layers, each containing two engines, for a total of 4 fully-customizable sound sources. Each of these 4 sound sources can use samples or synthesis, with additional details like filter cutoff, sample width, and envelope times. Modulation Inject movement and variety into your sound with click-and-drag modulation routing in seconds. Assign multiple LFOs, functions generators, keyboard controls, and more, with almost every element of Augmented GRAND PIANO available as a modulation destination. Arpeggiator If you’re not a piano player, or you simply want to experiment with precise metronomic motion in your sound, the built-in 16-step polymetric Arpeggiator has the answers. Turn soft open-lid chords into dancing melodies, processed hammers into percussive elements, or a single note into a pulsing EDM-esque motif. Effects Dial in your own flavors of crunch, sound-sculpting, or total transformation with 2 stereo FX slots per layer, and add the final spatial and time-based touches with Delay and Reverb on the master bus at the end of the chain. Macros The brains behind Augmented GRAND PIANO’s central macro controls. See your assigned parameters and adjustments in real-time, and make detailed changes to ensure that your sound responds just how you want it to.